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are a group of women just like you. We may run a business out of our home, or run a large corporation. We may be a C.E.O. or a file clerk. We may be new to the workplace, a seasoned veteran, or preparing to retire. We are teachers, lawyers, executives, sales professionals, administrative assistants, and more. We come from many walks of life, but we have one common denominator: we recognize that our workplace is the mission field where God has placed us. We desire to serve and glorify Him in all aspects of our daily lives.

We meet once a month to share ideas, dinner, fellowship and prayer. We are an irresistible group of women, so once you attend a meeting, you'll be sure to come back every month. Won't you make plans to join us next month? And while you are marking your calendar, be sure to invite a friend, too!

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Monday, December 14th

Shawna Bryant

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