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About us


Our Mission

9 to 5 for Christ exists to encourage and equip women to effectively represent Christ in their daily lives. We accomplish this through:

  • Wealth of knowledge
  • Ongoing relationships
  • Meeting women's needs
  • Education & training
  • Networking

Our Vision

To become a global network of working women who are dedicated to Christ and to enriching the lives of those around them with His love.

Why should women attend 9-5 for Christ?

In our complex roles as women, if we do not pay attention to filling our hearts and minds with truth we drain ourselves of the love and compassion required to sustain who we need to be in our homes and work settings. 9 to 5 for Christ creates an environment where our souls get renewed by real women from real life right here in the valley. For me personally, with an overly tight schedule, I know the night is always well organized with a great catered meal, a timely speaker, a highlight of local businesses and a dash of fun with door prizes and networking. I always drive home aware of how important the relationships have become in this group and what a privilege it is to pray for other women who are out there sharing God's love in a challenging world.

J. Eden,
St. Agnes Medical Center

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